2018 Oregon TT Cup

We are excited to bring you the 2018 Oregon TT Cup Schedule.

Sunday, March 11, 2018, Jack Frost TT
Saturday, March 31, 2018, Table Rock Time Trials
Saturday, April 28, 2018, Revenge Of The Disc Time Trial Series
Sunday, May 6, 2018, OBRA Team Time Trial Championship
Sunday, June 3, 2018, OBRA Time Trial Championship
Sunday, July 22, 2018, OBRA Uphill Time Trial Championship
Sunday, July 29, 2018, Rally the Valley Omnium

With the first race only a month away, it’s time to start training on the Time Trial Bike! Please continue to check back for more information.

Portland Velodrome Committee Minutes 1/24/18

PVC Minutes 1/24/18

In attendance:
Jen Featheringill
Parry Sample
Andrea Fisk
Erin Glover
Jon Ragsdale
Hazel Gross
Jim Graves
James Newman
Jack Lindquist
Tom Orth – invited guest for the latter part of the meeting
Committee Charter
• Charter not finalized yet (final draft to be finished in 1.5 weeks)
• Tshirt design by Matt Reed to be presented at next meeting
• Kids Sizes
• Also discussed making stickers, water bottles, temp tattoos
• Joel Fletcher liked the water bottles
Junior Programming
• Long term plan to have Saturday afternoon class omniums twice/month, may not viable until 2019
• Junior track cup competition for season
• Send flyers out to kids in the neighborhood
• Junior camp – get Devo people to report to/work with James
• Where do we send Wednesday night juniors when they graduate?
• Tuesday night junior competition
• Prizes for juniors who get their first lap around the track?
• JBV to donate kids track bikes
• Punch cards for class
• WTF training sessions on Saturday afternoon, maybe every other Saturday with Junior class
• Guided session for unattached riders?
• Trifold info flyers for outside of registration
• Battlekat not doing goldsprints this year. Sample suggested running it for the track
• Kaya to help organize
• Sponsors for raffle
• Schedule for beginning of April
Madison Workshops
• Something to lead into the 6 day
• Adam interested in hosting something on Thursday, no details
Moto Pacing for $$
• Good idea for revenue stream, but need to work out details
• Criteria for driving, including requirements for ATRA insurance
• For Cat 1,2,3 experienced riders only
• Price Wi-Fi

OBRA Site Temporarily Down

Hi folks- this is to let you know that our main website is currently inaccessible.  Unfortunately, our router went out and we are in the process of getting it replaced.  Thanks for your patience!

Annual Meeting Overview

Thank you to everyone who came out to our Annual Meeting, and to Chris King for hosting us. Below you will find an overview of what took place including new rules voted in, and new Board Members elected.

New Board Members:

Jake Von Duering

David Saltzberg


New Rules Voted In:

OBRA Code of Conduct

OBRA Code of Conduct

Policy on Transgender Athlete’s Participation

OBRA Policy on Transgender Athlete Participation

Officials Training 2018

Officials Training in Bend, OR

March 3rd 2018. 9am-3pm with Jordan Staples and Peter Werner

25 NW Minnesota Ave Suite 14 (upstairs from Thump! Coffee)
Please BYO-Brown Bag Work-Through-Lunch.
Questions can be directed to Peter Werner at peter@wernerattorney.com.

OBRA Rules Meeting and Awards Party


Febraury 3rd, 2018

Chris King World Headquarters

Schedule of Events

2 PM – 5 PM Rules Meeting
6-8 PM Awards Party


Rules Meeting Agenda:

Introduction and Updates
Proposed Rule Changes

Bios of Board Member Candidates (Bios coming soon)
Board Member Election (2 Slots)

*Representatives from teams that paid in 2017-2018 are eligible to vote.

Board Member Candidates

David Saltzberg

Hello, my name is David Saltzberg. I am seeking to fill one of the upcoming vacancies on the OBRA board of directors.
My love of bicycles and racing career started back in 1986. I have been an active Cat 3 Master’s racer within OBRA since 2004, averaging about 35 races per year. I have raced within TT, Road, MTB, Crit, and Cyclocross disciplines. I have been an active promoter since 2010, acting as the president of Zone 5 Promotions. Zone 5 Promotions is responsible for bringing the racing community Dirty Circles, David Douglas CX, Het Meer CX, NINKROSSI, Washougal CX, the GP Cyclocross series, and most recently Jack Frost TT and Piece of Cake RR.
I believe that my participation as an active racer and my work as a promoter uniquely qualifies me for the position of board member. We’ve hit a bit of a rough patch within OBRA in the last few years and I’d like to be part of revitalizing the sport and organization.

Thank you for your consideration.
David M. Saltzberg


Mike Hilbrandt

Greetings all-

My name is Mike Hilbrandt and I am applying for a Board member position.

You may not know me by sight or name, you may have even mistaken me for Jordan at some point in time, but odds are we have crossed paths. I began racing with OBRA in 2005, competing in all disciplines. While the loss of a family member quenched my desire for competition in late 2008, my desire to remain in OBRA was strong. I transitioned from being a racer to being the medic, then from medic to camera operator, assistant referee, assistant judge, chief referee, and eventually a chief judge. I have nearly done it all, though I will admit my track officiating is non-existent.

So why do I want to be on the board? First and foremost, OBRA needs to grow and retain a strong field of volunteers and officials. This past season was particularly challenging for many reasons. We had instances of assault, theft, vandalism, professional misconduct and of course always the public urination, intoxication, etc. In several cases, officials who spoke to racers or spectators were immediately met with anger, cursing and a misplaced sense of entitlement. This is absolutely uncalled for and must not be tolerated. Towards the end of the season, it reached a point that the Cross Crusade had to write their own code of conduct. Our officials and volunteers are out there working for minimum wage or less – mostly for their love and support of the sport and fellow racers. It is very difficult to recruit fresh people and perspectives when their exposure to the sport shows an abusive relationship, all for little to no pay. I want to change this.

Secondly, there have been rumors about upcoming proposals and from what I have heard, I fear they are a serious misallocation of resources with little to no return on the significant investments. I am for growth and evolution of OBRA, but I also strongly feel that we have some housekeeping due before we start spending money on anything that does not increase membership or restructure our race calendar. We have lost nearly all of our stage races. Our criterium schedule consisted 5 individual races, the road was down to 7 (weekday evening series notwithstanding). We failed to have a Road State Championship. On the other hand, we did have a lot of mountain bike races while grinders and fondos are still gaining popularity. I feel there is a great opportunity for OBRA to further support and capitalize on these types of events.

What I would like to see happen is the following:
A bigger network of officials and volunteers.
A more robust race calendar.
OBRA to continue to grow and evolve with the sport of cycling.

How I see this happening:
More accountability and respect from racers and spectators stemming from a zero tolerance policy for abuse (verbal or otherwise) against any official, volunteer, racer or spectator. I am saddened that I even need to write this down. A new OBRA BAR / Ironman point system. A new fee structure that allows for more flexibility for promoters. Increased pay/perks for officials and volunteers new rules that provide a safer environment for all.

I have already suggested a few changes and perks help with some of the challenges OBRA is facing; some have been in place for a while, another major one has recently been enacted, and I have more ideas to share. I am excited about the prospect of change and growth and I hope you allow me the opportunity to enact more of my ideas.

Best wishes for a successful 2018 racing season!

Mike Hilbrandt


Jake Von Duering

Born and raised in Southern California, Jake received his bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from Chapman University. After graduating from Chapman in 1998, he went on to specialize in the field of Strength & Conditioning and trained athletes of all ages, including many high-level professional athletes from a multitude of sports. In addition to his love for health, fitness, and nutrition, Jake has been a passionate cyclist since he was a young child. He has always used cycling as a means of staying fit and began competing in mountain bike races in 2008 as a way of nurturing his competitive spirit. Wanting to enhance his fitness for mountain bike racing, he found himself on his road bike more and more, which naturally led to his first road race and subsequent love for road bike racing. Jake loves constantly pushing himself to find new levels of fitness and speed while having a deep passion for all things cycling.
At the age of 25, Jake started his own business that he owned and operated for 15 years. In that process, he feels as if he became very proficient with project management, budgets, forecasting, marketing and advertising, staff management, and communication. These were by no means his areas of expertise when he first started, but they were innately in his DNA. This all became very important as the business grew to employ 35 people to serve the community. In late 2014, he sold the business and was finally able to fulfill his dream of moving to the Pacific Northwest in March of 2015.
He then pursued an itch to start another business in the arena of cycling, which spawned Dialed Cycling Lab. However, DCL was ultimately built to support his passion for what is now the Dialed Cycling Team, which he started in 2017. The team has grown to 70 team members who are all great people. DCT takes pride in the direction the team is headed, the support it is providing the
community and the charitable endeavors it has taken on in its short time. Jake is an OBRA member and about to embark on his third season of racing with OBRA. He also thoroughly enjoys being active in the cycling community. He would love to bring his experience to OBRA’s Board of Directors to help build for the future. Membership growth, event promotion, communication, growing women’s and junior’s participation, assisting with bringing in financial support for OBRA, and bringing both the OBRA community and general cycling community closer together are some of the areas where he would like to be involved. Why is Jake interested in taking a position on OBRA’s Board of Directors? Simply put, he loves the sport of cycling and sees this as an excellent opportunity to give back. He feels that his passion and experience could be positively used to ensure a bright future for our sport. All three of his children have an expressed interest in racing someday and he wants them to benefit as well. He has the ability to help, he is able to make the time to help, and he has additional human resources who are willing to help as well. Jake lives in Camas, Washington. When he’s not building bikes, cooking up new training programs, or out logging time in the saddle, he loves spending time with his wonderful wife and three children. You will also find him on the baseball diamond coaching his son’s teams. Additionally, he really enjoys hiking, camping, fishing, cooking, photography, music, tinkering, time with friends, and gardening.


Rocky Serna

To members of OBRA,

I would like to formally announce my run as a board member. I have been racing since summer ’95. Raced every year till 2003, and have been off-and-on since then.
I’ve had a few opportunities to help officiate a few cyclocross races. Portland is my home even though I spent several years in Tucson most of which was spent training to race. While there I worked at Arroyo Design a custom heirloom woodshop where we solved problems on a daily basis. I would like to apply that problem solving and collaborating skills in an organization that I hold dear to me. Now is my time to give back to the sport that has given me so much. I’ve been able to travel, work hard, and benefit from a passion that all of us enjoy. Whether voted in or not I will make a positive impact by racing honorably, volunteering, sharing knowledge, and possibly organizing.

Thank you all for your consideration,
“The Peleton is more than that, it is a brotherhood, sisterhood, and a family”
Rocky Serna


Rick Wilks

Rick Wilks moved to Camas Washington with his family in 2007. He developed a passion for cycling during college while riding with Cal Poly’s Wheelmen. Upon graduating from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in 1992 he continued fueling this passion by launching a career within the cycling industry. Throughout his 20+ years in the cycling industry, Rick has been instrumental in growing several leading cycling brands. Always looking for a challenge, he enjoys a friendly rubbing of elbows in business or on the race course. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family, cycling with friends (and family) and being involved with his son’s high school robotics team. Grateful for an amazing career and inspiring local cycling community, Rick has been looking for ways to pass on his knowledge and experiences.


Proposed Rule Changes

Policy on Transgender Athlete’s Participation (Sponsor: Parry Sample)


Code of Conduct (Sponsor: Hazel Gross, Jen Featheringill, and Mike Hilbrandt) *Passed by the OBRA Board of Directors.*



*Advisory Votes. Executive Director will make the final decision.

Cross-Upgrade (Sponsor: Kevin Blair)

My Proposal is that after the first month of racing or October 1st there would be no more upgrades for the season. This will then allow riders who are participating in series races to not lose the podium or the dream of being a state champion. At the end of the season, there would be the main list of all the people who need to upgrade for the next season. This would also allow them time to train for the new category.

Admin. Rules (Sponsor: Adam Angert)

J. Event Organizer Responsibilities

J.7. The event organizer shall evenly divide prizes for each
category between the Men’s and Women’s fields. Including but not limited to,
cash, gift certificates, and product.

J.7.a Equal prize distribution shall be enforced if there is a field
category differential. As an example, where there is a separate Category 3
field for the Men, but Women are combined Category 1/2/3, the Category 3
Women’s prizes shall be combined with the Category 1/2 Women’s prizes. The
organizer shall have discretion as to whether combined fields will be prized


We will be reviewing the TT Cup Results from 2017. If you spot any errors please let us know.


Dress for attendees is casual.  Awardees should dress business casual.  Awardees will be announced and called up to the stage in groups.  We will provide further details at the event.  There will be an opportunity for photos after each group is on stage.


Oregon Women’s Prestige Series, Oregon Cup, and TT Cup Awards will be handed out at the Awards Party.

Overall Receiving BAR Awards


Senior Men
Jeremy Russell
River City Bicycles

Senior Women
Kristina Hughes
Therapeutic Associates Racing p/b Pacific Office

Masters Men
Masters Men 70+
Loren Russell
Vegan Fleez!

Masters Women
Masters Women 60+
Melissa Boyd
Corvallis Cyclery Racing

Junior Men
Junior Men 10-12
Ian Brown
Bend Endurance Academy

Junior Women
Junior Women 10-12
Madeline Stover
PDX Devo Junior Cycling



Junior Men 13-14
Owen Rogers
Grixsen p/b West End Bikes

Junior Men 15-16
Gavin Bowen
Bowen Sports Performance

Junior Men 17-18
Duncan Howell
V.C. Cascade p/b Slocum

Junior Women 13-14
Mckenna Mckee
Grixsen Brewing p/b West End Bikes

Junior Women 15-16
Keeley Brownback
Mountain View Cycles Racing Team

Masters Men 40-44
Benjamin Brainard
Flywheel Bicycle Solutions

Masters Men 45-49
Michael Moody
Team Cycle Sport

Masters Men 50-54
Perry Lund
Hutch’s /Slocum

Masters Men 55-59
Robert Huff
Half Fast Velo presented by Ninkasi Brewing

Masters Men 60-64
Michael Longmire
Team Revenge Cycling & Racing (RCR)

Masters Women 30-34
Clara Terrell
English Cycles

Masters Women 35-39
Jordan Faulds
Team AF

Masters Women 40-44
Hazel Gross
Team AF

Masters Women 45-49
Julie Ann Smith-Simonsen
Sorella Forte p/b St Honoré Bakery

Masters Women 50-54
Christine A Holland
Fast Fun Nice Racing Team p/b Wattie Ink

Masters Men 65-69
Edward Lanton

Sonja Ebert
Team 10 Barrel

Category 3 Men
Masters Men 35-39
Chris Sarrett
Hutch’s Eugene

Category 3 Women
Sophie Russenberger
Point S Racing

Category 4 Men
Jason Whitley
Team Oregon presented by Laurelwood Brewing

Category 4 Women
Anne Liggett
Stages Cycling

Singlespeed/Fixed Men
Seth Patla

Singlespeed/Fixed Women
Mielle Blomberg
Team S+M

Jamie and Cavan Mikami

Chris Wierman
Dialed Cycling Team


Categories and Age-Graded Not Receiving Awards
(Not enough disciplines to recieve an award)

Masters Men 30-34
Alex Wilson
Hammer Velo

Women 55-59
Lora Melkonian
Mountain View Cycles Racing Team

Masters Men 4/5
Webster Wilson
Cyclepath Racing

Category 5 Men
David Johnson
WesternU Cycling

Category 5 Women
Kristina Owen
Capitol Velo

Category 5 Women
Shelly Boelter
Pedal PT

Category 5 Women
Amanda Abel
Team Planet X USA p/b Xiologix

Women 17-18
Kaylie Ragsdale
Fred Meyer/Lakeside Cycling Team



Chris King
2801 NW Nela St.
Portland, OR 97210


You may park in the areas marked in red, or if you cannot find parking there, you can park along 29th Ave.  You will be towed if you park by Metro or any of the other businesses.  Entrance along the alley on the left side.



Your Name (required)

Your Email (required)

Team Name write none if not applicable

Names of Attendees

Job Announcement: Executive Director

OBRA Executive Director Position

Job Brief:

Oregon Bicycle Racing Association [OBRA] is looking for an experienced Executive Director to oversee all operations, functions, and activities. As OBRA’s ED, you will be the face of the organization, an influential manager with the ability to lead and motivate. Excellent communication skills are a must, and you will take a holistic approach to managing the organization’s operations. You will be responsible for working with the OBRA Board of Directors developing, then implementing, the strategic vision outlined by the Board.

The goal is to manage and lead the organization towards the realization of OBRA’s mission; OBRA advances the sport of bicycle racing by providing leadership, facilitating competition, and inspiring participation.

Executive Director Responsibilities:

  • Develop and implement strategies aimed to promote the organization’s mission and “voice.”
  • Work with Board of Directors to develop and implement strategic plans, goals, and objectives and provide regular reports to Board of Directors.
  • Build an effective team of leaders by providing guidance and coaching to OBRA’s staff. Supervise and support employees and provides regular performance reviews. Hire and terminate employees as needed. Reviews and executes contracts with independent contractors.
  • Analyze programmatic areas, creates consensus-driven goals and solutions and executes or assists in the execution of solutions to achieve goals.
  • Manage and maintain financial records and budget of the OBRA organization. These include authorizing payments, purchases, and payroll.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance including the filing of annual forms with Oregon Department of Justice, IRS, Oregon Employment Department, and Secretary of State.
  • Tracks state legislation and agency rule-making for any issues or proposals that could negatively impact the organization and provides testimony or information to legislators if needed.
  • Conducts risk assessments as necessary, and maintains adequate insurance including liability, auto, property, workers’ compensation, and Directors’ and Officers’ insurance.
  • Hires and or works with legal counsel for lawsuits or other issues that require legal assistance.
  • Organizes stakeholder meetings including board meetings, promoters’ meetings, officials’ training, and annual membership meetings.
  • Oversee multiple program areas of OBRA. These include membership, marketing, junior racing, women’s racing, racing, officials, scheduling and sanctioning, equipment, and competition.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of programs and modifies programs to increase efficiency.
  • Work with the women’s racing coordinator and committee to increase diversity in racing. Develop and enacts policies that support the goals of diversity and inclusion and supports participation by racers from underserved communities.
  • Coordinate with promoters to create a logical and cohesive calendar.  Provides logistics support to promoters in dealing with private landowners and federal, state, and local officials. Assists promoters with product development.
  • Manage all permit processing for events, revises forms, releases, and ensures compliance with OBRA rules. Acts as custodian of organization records.
  • Identifies, assesses, and recommends potential programmatic rule changes as needed. Analyze and implement rules as applicable, including upgrade rules, racing rules, and administrative rules.
  • Communicate with internal stakeholders including staff, members, officials, promoters, and others as necessary. Ensure stakeholders work together as a team to increase the efficiency of OBRA and create ownership in the organization.
  • Helps manage websites and social media assets.
  • Engage with stakeholders external to the bicycle racing community (such as IMBA, The Street Trust, USA Cycling, and Destination Marketing Organizations) to leverage commonalities to strengthen bike racing and provide additional avenues for funding.
  • Represent OBRA to external audiences such as print and television media.
  • Oversee NABRA operations and work with promoters to manage risk.

Qualifications, Required & Requested Skills:

As OBRA ED, you will bring 5-years or more of management experience in public or private organizations that includes working with a governing body, developing program rules and policies, long- and short-term planning and goals, program evaluation, and budget preparation. This position requires a high degree of complexity and analytical ability combined with a comprehensive knowledge of the functions, processes, theories, and principles of management; and the methods used to gather, analyze, and evaluate information.

Desired Attributes:

Preference will be given to candidates who demonstrate the following desired attributes listed below:

  • Experience in organization management (public or private).
  • Professional experience leading programs or projects.
  • Experience leading collaborations of private and public organizations to achieve strategic goals.
  • Experience managing projects or programs.
  • Experience performing the following:
  • Development of goals and objectives for projects or programs.
  • Development or recommendation of rules and policies.
  • Evaluating projects or programs effectiveness, efficiency, relevance, and compliance.
  • Preparing or managing a budget.
  • Cycling enthusiast and evangelist.
  • Leader, motivator who understands the importance of collective action. Team Builder or Team Player, as needed.
  • Communicator and strong public speaker.

The successful candidate will have demonstrated skills that include:

  • The ability to work efficiently with a board of directors.
  • Leadership with a track record of highly ethical and professional behavior.
  • Proven ability to be collaborative, fair, and unbiased in carrying out professional responsibilities.
  • Forward-looking organizational leadership, supervising and motivating employees for peak performance and excellence in customer service.
  • Expert experience communicating effectively, orally and in writing.
  • Knowledge of business and management principles involved in strategic planning, resource allocation, and leadership techniques; of accounting, budgeting, and financial principles; and the principles and practices of administration and management.
  • Knowledge of Quickbooks, Microsoft Office, Google Apps, WordPress, Tableau, and Ruby-on-Rails desired.
  • Strong experience interpreting and following the requirements of rules, statutes, legal opinions, and regulations.
  • Skill in planning and directing services provided by a non-profit organization including:
    • development of program rules and policies,
    • development of long- and short-range goals and plans,
    • program evaluation, and
    • budget preparation.

Primary Location



Oregon Bicycle Racing Association



20-25 hours per week


Yes, 25 % of the Time


Compensation starting at $2,000-$3,000 per month depending on experience.

To apply:

Send resume and cover letter not exceeding two pages, detailing how your qualifications meet our requirements, how you have inspired and motivated others, and your vision to grow OBRA membership. E-mail materials to kenji@obra.org or mail to OBRA, PO Box 5773, Salem, OR 97304.

Due date:

Ongoing until position is filled. Initial review of applications will occur on January 5th, 2018. Applications not received by January 2, 2018 at 5 PM may not be considered in the initial review.


All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status.

11/11/17 Promoter’s Meeting Minutes

OBRA Promoter’s Meeting


  • Code of conduct; working on redline [editing] the text so it’s easy to read.
  • Kenji is retiring 6-9 month from ED position, we will be search for a new ED, system wide search, smooth transition.

Membership report

  • Down a couple of percentage points from 2016 – 3700 members, 8% down.
  • Increase in Cat 5 memberships is the growing, need to retain these people.
  • Jen will be taking on upgrades

Marketing / Junior

  • Focusing on getting people racing – getting the word out and doing more creative MTK campaigns.
  • Opening OBRA to more to the NWCP racers
  • Helping drive the message about WMNs racing, WMN road peloton
  • JR cross clinics were very successful this year; wants to continue the JR drive
  • Suggestion from NWCP – can there be a bridge built between Junior racing to colleges and NWCP racing
  • College license? can there be a connection or how can OBRA membership help connect kids with license
  • Suggestion – push out more information on clinics in emails.

Women’s committee

  • Working on the 2018 prestige series
  • Splitting the series into Road / Criterium
  • Sell passes to their series
  • Need to know the calendar
  • On the search for a title sponsor
  • Event in December; working with the non-cycling groups working together to get women signed up [Sunday parkways, women’s cycling summit]


  • Issues with low numbers of WMNS – possibility to open it up to non-NCCA events; build community and cross connect; build a mentorship program
  • Kenji asked if NWCP students will be interested in becoming officials to offset cost and making money. There is interest in doing this. Clint is interest in helping out with this as he works with PSU; would like to bring back dual sanctioning to increase fundraising for college teams.
  • Suggestion from NWCP – can there be a bridge built between Junior racing to colleges and NWCP racing
  • College license

Promoter reports

  • Matt – Monday night PIR; ups and downs; 4/5 and 1-3 women’s field showed up every night. Track category was very successful; once the track peeps figure it out the riders where racing two events. Track riders from PIR moved to racing Alpenrose. Successful for June and July was the dropping of Monday night PIR. Go earlier in April.
  • NWCP – down every category; mainly the WMN. On the national level, WMN have been doing great. Lack in and disconnect from NWCP women and amateur racing. Cost is a barrier to entry for college students.
  • Track – good racing season; two new promoters, Tuesday and Thursday nights. Increased road rider attendance. Senior WMN numbers was down, Friday night numbers of steady with beginner WMN up. Velodrome Challenge; numbers are up from last year, so growing. New track committee; new ideas coming to the table, push on Madison racing.
  • The David’s: Worked hard to save some of the road races; Would like to bring back cherry pie and the Lebanon race. Cross, was solid, but disappointing, decrease in participation about 20%. Saw an increase in beginner fields, decrease in “season racers.” Winter? Was the decrease in attendance due to weather?
  • Barton park road series -SteveStruggle over the WMNs fields. Shaking up the fields a bit. Run a co-ed race together; Grand Fando event? Last event of the day?
  • PDW Omnium – went well this year. 6-day was down with teams; lack of promotion. Suggest that the PVC take over promotion of 6-day.
  • North plain circuit race – cancelled; bummer. Road couldn’t get the closed through center of town.
  • Trophy cup – attendance up by one rider over 2016. Gorge fire delayed it by one week. Need to speak to people you don’t usually talk to, encourage new people to enter cycling. Create a safe space for new riders try something new.
  • Do more clinics, maybe do a clinic the week prior to over actual race courses. Give teams more incentives to bring new WMN on and help them cultivate new WMN riders.
  • WMNS clinics after events?
  • Uphill TT – 11% increase in riders. Involved High school to set up and teardown event; introducing kids to cycling by putting up flyers at schools. High school that set up and teardown events will expose the kids to cycling.
  • Baker city stage race – 30% increase, jump in master participation, biggest Pro men’s 1 & 2 field; two rider short of a close field. WMNs field was down, overlapping with other events. Send postcards to other events for cross promotion, hand out free entries to Baker City Stage race to other events as “primes.”
  • Eco – had to move the date, due to snow – numbers were down, lots of challenges. 2018; rejoin the Oregon Cross Country series; 40% out-of-state. Move the race to March 17th, two weeks later, due to weather. Mt. bike trail being built in Pendleton, Oregon – trail out by airport.
  • Mike Ripley – Mt Bike scene; Work with NWCP to get teams into sport, price shouldn’t be a barrier. JR Mt. bike series went well. Maybe pick up state championship for 2018. Southern, Oregon participation down. Oregon triple crown making it a pass event. Oregon, Grand Fando was down due to weather. Shop teams are down sharply this year, devalued. Trying to make an effort to connect with bike shops. Open age groups for triple crown.

Championship committee – to bring back OBRA championships luster; looking people to join the community. BOD member to sit on this committee??

  • Joel Fletcher
  • David Hart
  • Stephanie Myers ?
  • Catherine Cooper


11/11/17 BOD Meeting Minutes

OBRA Board of Directors Meeting

Kenji, Steven, Candi, Jordan, Meg, Michelle and Norrene
November 11, 2017

OBRA BOD meeting


12-12:30 Presentation by Watson Creative
12:30-12:45 Discussion of presentation
12:45-1:00 Financials
1:00-1:15 Marketing Update
1:15-1:30 Membership Update
1:30-1:45 Code of conduct/Safe Sport
1:45-2:00 Thefts
2:00-2:15 Announcement
2:15-2:30 Performance review results
2:30-2:45 Officials report
2:45-3:00 OBRA committees (who’s on which committee)

Presentation by Watson Creative – Watson MOTIV8

  • Software / Chip system – sass; Roadrunner sports / Adventure chips
  • Move forward with OBRA, open to a big give to get OBRA started
  • The Challenge; How do you cultivate low-commitment supports into highly-devoted champions? – what the chip system does
  • Low commitment to high commitment
  • Attract / Engage / Capture / Retain = incentivize + measure; Every brand touch point
  • 8 areas of motivation: Share experiences; incentivized, smart content, profiles intelligence, enhanced events, commerce fundraised, social amplifier, experience rewards
  • Push and pull info; update to electronic membership cards
  • Enhanced events give away for people to engage; help with new members; integrate the cat 4 & 5 riders into the sport of cycling. Enhances the events = Zwift style or messenger race.
  • Watson has its own store, can easily integrate into the OBRA system / Fundraisers; Fundraising events for Juniors??
  • Customize platforms
  • Leaderboard challenges: Team vs Team
  • BOD ask how does this apply to OBRA’s day-to-day activities? How will Waston’s program improve OBRA’s program to stimulate growth for OBRA; BOD would like more info on roadrunner program and Watson adapted their chip technology to running.
  • OBRA’s ROI, Watson will build, but someone has to run the system; set aside 50 hours to get the system running, then hours decrease to 12 hours per week.
  • Additionally would spend 3-4 hours per week
  • 3-5 months for Phase 1
  • Strong give from Watson
  • Need to organize content on our end
  • Not a need to implement the entire thing but maybe a few at a time and then add more as we go
  • How do we incentivize memberships and activate rewards system?
  • First cycling group to take this on…USAC does something kinda the same with being able to rank yourself
  • Reduces workload for Scott Willson
  • Points of talk – who would manage this; Membership / Catherine / Marketing
  • OBRA’s database structure is weird; this system can fix it.
  • Will provide data analysis for Ed, BOD, promoters and more.
  • Michelle questions – red flags; big projects always take longer than projected. Concerned about upfront man power to manage the new web system and then who takes on the responsibility.
  • Steven, do we have the right people in place to manage it? Who would be on point to work with Watson and interact with Watson?
  • Work with Matt to get a timeline of gates and dates if OBRA starts this project in January 2018; When would the interactive system go live?


  • Membership is in a holding pattern, we should have hit rock bottom of membership decline.
  • We could not get an umbrella policy due to two claims. Kenji to look into the NABRA policy.

Marketing Update

  • Joel sends out weekly emails / newsletter and what’s happening this weekend notes.
  • Discussed updating or refreshing emails with better content. Meg suggest maybe Watson can provide guidance. Discussed need to get more riders engaged in opening emails.
  • Michelle; really streamline communication and have a strong call to action; Need a person to do content; blog, social, creating a voice for OBRA.
  • Michelle to work with marketing to help work on content to streamline emails and newsletters.
  • Telling hero stories to membership.
  • OBRA has a large design community, Kenji suggest leveraging that design community better.

Membership Update

  • Jen is a rockstar – fast turnaround and taking on new responsibilities.
  • Membership is down, but cat 5 membership has increased.
  • Include a free membership card in every 2018 membership packet. Encourage all OBRA members to bring a friend to race.
  • Bring a friend campaign needs to be properly managed to ensure that the new rider has a good experience.

Code of conduct/Safe Sport

  • Board action / very long / can there be an executive summary of the code of conduct?
  • How would we enforce spectator behavior? Issue a letter of conduct to promoters regarding people who break rules?
  • Do we need to train officials and promoters? If so, how?
  • Action points; redline [edit] code of conduct and take out what is not needed to streamline the document.
  • Due date to have all edits back to Kenji is December 1st.
  • Let OBRA membership know we are working on code of conduct. Kenji to reach out.
  • We need to follow up quickly when people reach out to OBRA, we need to let them know we have heard them and that we are working to resolve their issue. People just want to know they have been heard.


  • Thefts suck. OBRA members have been donating money. We need to publicly recognize these individuals and the ED and BOD need to write thank you notes.
  • 30 radios, 2 generators have been stolen.
  • Tony also brought back one generator from the dead.
  • $3k of stuff was stolen.
  • Kenji to send out link to officials for radios.


  • Kenji announces that he is retiring from OBRA in 6-9 months, possibly sooner.
  • Kenji will help make a successful transition of power / exit interview
  • BOD to conduct the search for a new ED
  • Kenji is currently working on a job description for post
  • Steven asked that Kenji will send out a personal letter to the OBRA community announcing his retirement and remind people of what OBRA is about.

Performance review results

  • First time doing a review, all reviews where positive.

Officials report

  • Highest official turnout to training, but no one showed up to officiate.
  • 4 or 5 new officials have showed up at one event
  • Officials packet – are well put together
  • Need an incentive program, everyone’s time is worth something.
    • Clothing / officials gear?
  • Volunteers abused at Bend, decreasing individual’s participation; long time problem.
  • Flux of new riders coming from other states, changing OBRA’s culture. How do you address, this culture shift? PR campaign was suggested and to keep the campaign light to help get the word out.
  • Spectator culture changing as well, seems to be getting more hostile.
  • Need to reach out to other organizations to get individuals involved.
  • What can OBRA do to show there appreciate of the officials? Hand written note from BOD? From members?
  • Maybe tap into college networks, use membership cards to reach out.
  • Official training – trainers to be paid a wage for both putting together the training and day-of training. Potential training schedule date: February.


OBRA committees (who’s on which committee) –

  • What is the BOD’s position on these committee – leadership role, voice of 5-year plan, duration of BOD to serve on committee for min. of 1-year.
    • Women’s committee
      • Michelle
      • Jordan
    • PVC committee
      • Steven
    • ED search committee
      • Norrene
    • Potential Official Committee????


Term limits –

  • Jordan suggest limiting BOD members to two consecutive terms in office, then take a minimum of one-year off, before they can be reelected for another term.
  • It will limit the popularity contest and bring new voices to the table.
  • One term isn’t enough time to get things done, need two terms to catch on.
  • Balance new ideas with establish ideas, by balancing term limits.
  • Changing voting structure – Teams vs Membership voting?
  • Term limits can be a BOD votes; maybe take a moment to relook at by-laws in general.
  • Negative effect of limiting term limits: loss of tribal knowledge?
  • Positive: Cultivate new ideas, more BOD participation.
  • Add one more BOD positon to have an odd number. Seventh member could be elected by the BOD to fill in missing expertise of current BOD.
  • Change one thing at a time.
  • This term limit will starts with the 2018 elections if passed.
  • Unanimous vote – Term limit passes, goes in effect for 2018.

*Note for Grant writing proposal Approach for Travel Oregon: Target getting youth involved in the sport of cycling along with keying into the underserved population.




7/29/17 BOD Meeting Minutes

OBRA Board of Directors Meeting
Present: Kenji, Glen, Candi, Steven, John, Meg, Norrene
Speakers: Jen, Joel, Steph[?] -WMNs rep, Mike
July 29, 2017

OBRA BOD meeting

Women’s community –

  • Pick up the duties of let’s race bikes
  • Shown 5-year plan and recruiter for OBRA
  • Focus on how obra engage with female racers and how to do it
    • Website – design a page for WMNs resources; resources just for women coming in the sport
    • Created a card for free one-day membership
    • Cards put in bags for cycle Oregon – joy ride
    • Partner with stayer?
    • Partner with Sunday parkways?
  • Weakness
    • Need to find WMN outside of Portland and outside of Road
  • Solutions
    • Solution – email address, womencycling.org – get people to go one place – Create central paces for WMN to come.
    • Create a min board to pass on info to new members
    • Keeping in line with OBRA board
    • More ideas for outreach – cycle Oregon; bridge pedal???
    • Get someone on JCS planning.
    • Steven from OBRA BOD is now part of the WMN committee.

Joel – Marketing

  • Travel Grant – Joel working on; Mt. bike trend;
  • Increase Mt. Bike participation and partner with WSBA & Gina
  • Biketown, partner better and focus on getting people to convert over to racing.
  • Working with Travel Oregon and convert non-cycles in to racers
  • Junior – Junior cross committee – get it more dialed in and better for the juniors.
    • Cross camp
    • Junior camp
    • NICA? Haven’t heard anything from them.
    • Start a cycling club in
    • Gina, partnering with WSBA and getting state competition and riders going back and forth.
    • Social media content – people are linking it. Opening emails have increased up to 30%. Maybe start updating content opening template for email blast. AV testing to see what gets better testing. Successful as a reminder of what is going on.
    • Short track numbers are up + track is up + Tuesday is up. 6-hours of hood was up.
    • Changing up PIR for 2018 – Road, goes from April to July, then gear up to Cross in Aug.
    • Travel Oregon, stage race on the timber trail.
    • Work with WSBA and JBS, get their cross promotion and get the juniors going back and forth over the state line.
  • Jen – Membership
    • Membership is up, especially in cat 5 men.
  • Candi – Officials
    • Down on the road and cross
    • Stop discount for teams that don’t do anything – requirement?
    • Look outside our community to college kids, other people who want a little extra income. Judges are leaving the quickest. Look in to other sports for where they get officials. Connection into PSU or OSU, can we develop some-kind-of-incentive to bring in kids to come out. College credit for sports?????
    • Create a 5-year goal for bring in officials.
    • Fall official training for cyclocross – Dates of training are as follows:
      • 9/6: Blind date
      • 9/7: Brew Haus Cross
      • 9/9: Het Meer
  • Watson Creative / Anthem
    • Watson Creative is too expensive to activate this year; Kenji to touch base with Colby to keep door open for future opportunity
    • Anthem house needs to be approached by Steven, to see if they can deliver the same content and brand position as Watson for less.
    • Norrene to send out proposal to Steven and BOD.
  • Doping – New testing, we can do it $5,000. Mike is doing more research; how much are we going to spend on it or where are we getting the money to do it. We need to decide what we are going to do. Run it under WSBA? This is not associated with cross, it’s just looking to do it. Tabled for now.
  • Cross license – all money come to OBRA; Get ride of cross license and do a full year membership license. Membership issues with data base brought up by Jen and Candi. It was agreed that for the 2017 season, we can’t activate dropping of cross only license for full OBRA membership license because information has already gone out. Proposed to keep as status quo for this year, then roll-out to full license in 2018 no cross license, give members a heads up at these year’s cross that changes will have in 2018.

Track: Jen

  • Doing well
  • Race number has been good. Wednesday riders have come to Friday.
  • AVC went well, hit marks and made a small profit.
  • Bylaws and board structure. As it stands right now people want to stay under OBRA, committee. Have a committee of people task to do things.
  • Bylaws, presented was sent back to the committee to be work on.
  • Need to write down all the responsibilities of what is to be done at the track.
  • Need one BOD member to sit on the committee for track
  • Track committee need to set a meeting over BOD basecamp on roles and responsibilities so BOD review.

Electronic CHIPs – didn’t work. Current idea and rent a reader for an event; Tabled for now didn’t work.

Safe sport:

  • Look at safe sport and see what rules apply to OBRA and what we can use.
  • Research other org to see what they are doing and how best works for OBRA.
  • Kenji will send out to USAC; NICA
  • John and Kenji are going to look further into this and see what we can adopt and bring it to the BOD so BOD can discuss this.

5 Year Plan – has been moved and adopted.

  • Kenji to make small typo corrections.
  • Hitting most of the goals mapped out for 2017, apart from website redesign, this is a better topic, see above, Watson section.
  • 5-year plan will be released to membership soon.