1/28/17 BOD Meeting Minutes

OBRA Board of Directors Meeting
Board Members Present: Kenji Sugahara, Glen Gann, Michelle Mercer, Steven Beardsley, Meg Mautner
Advisory Board Members Present:  Brad Ross
Absent: John Wilson, Candi Murray, Mike Murray
•        Tentative dates were set for quarterly meetings (4/29, 7/29, 11/25). We are also going to meet in February to design a strategic plan for OBRA (5 year plan).
•        Jen Featheringill presented membership information. She has issued approximately 500 memberships up to this point.
•        Joel Fletcher presented his marketing work for OBRA. Joel’s marketing plan will be updated this weekend.
•        The BOD reviewed the financials from 2016 along with membership numbers. We discussed trends, limiting capital expenses, people having less time to train, safety on the roads, etc.
                  Action item: insurance for the OBRA trucks. What happens in an accident? Whose insurance pays? Kenji will look into this
•        1st aid-Mike Murray has been the person in charge for first aid. We talked about who might be able to carry out this job when Mike no longer wants to.
                  Action item: Steven Beardsley and Brad Ross will talk to Mike and connect Mike with someone who might be interested.
•        A good chunk of the meeting was spent talking about board member roles and responsibilities along with the executive director roles and responsibilities. We need to meet face to face at least 1x per year; other meetings can be held via videoconference. Once we have our strategic plan in place, then we can determine what the roles will be. We also have to have the survey created, given, and results tallied so we have a sense of our direction and mission from the OBRA membership.
                  Action item: survey will be created by Kenji (is that correct?). The board will look over the survey before it gets distributed but we have to do this ASAP.
•        Transparency, open board meetings, accountability
 Lots of discussion and ideas on how to make things more transparent to the membership:
1.    Public board meetings (similar to a school board meeting where there is time for public comment at the end)
2.    Have Town Hall meetings in various parts of the state regularly with board members so we can hear what’s going on with the membership.
3.   Post agendas well ahead of time
4.    Post minutes afterwards
5.    Have a monthly dashboard for the board and OBRA employees
6.   Year end reviews
7.    Up our visibility-introduce ourselves to people at races
•        Discussion whether to have OBRA website to be professionally done –link up the Industry and Try OBRA website.
         Action item: Talk to Scott Willson about the code on the OBRA website. Michelle posted several good idea and Kenji will talk to Scott.
•        Line up admin rules with practice-how do we require teams to send people to officials training? Add requirement of teams to help put on a race. Discussion of what teams “get” by joining OBRA and how they can help contribute to the OBRA community.
         Action item: Change the rules so everything lines up with the expectation that all teams with 5 or more members are required to send someone to officials training with the expectation that they will help officiate. Kenji will make sure the writing is in agreement. Suggestion that there’s a place on the website that points out how people can help.
•        Change of rules to allow all members to vote rather than team rep
         Action item: Bylaws would need to be changed. Kenji will look into this.
•Discussion item: Team dues/membership dues/limiting 1 day licenses/having a year to year membership (ie., if you join in Oct., your membership doesn’t expire until the following October)