11/11/17 Promoter’s Meeting Minutes

OBRA Promoter’s Meeting


  • Code of conduct; working on redline [editing] the text so it’s easy to read.
  • Kenji is retiring 6-9 month from ED position, we will be search for a new ED, system wide search, smooth transition.

Membership report

  • Down a couple of percentage points from 2016 – 3700 members, 8% down.
  • Increase in Cat 5 memberships is the growing, need to retain these people.
  • Jen will be taking on upgrades

Marketing / Junior

  • Focusing on getting people racing – getting the word out and doing more creative MTK campaigns.
  • Opening OBRA to more to the NWCP racers
  • Helping drive the message about WMNs racing, WMN road peloton
  • JR cross clinics were very successful this year; wants to continue the JR drive
  • Suggestion from NWCP – can there be a bridge built between Junior racing to colleges and NWCP racing
  • College license? can there be a connection or how can OBRA membership help connect kids with license
  • Suggestion – push out more information on clinics in emails.

Women’s committee

  • Working on the 2018 prestige series
  • Splitting the series into Road / Criterium
  • Sell passes to their series
  • Need to know the calendar
  • On the search for a title sponsor
  • Event in December; working with the non-cycling groups working together to get women signed up [Sunday parkways, women’s cycling summit]


  • Issues with low numbers of WMNS – possibility to open it up to non-NCCA events; build community and cross connect; build a mentorship program
  • Kenji asked if NWCP students will be interested in becoming officials to offset cost and making money. There is interest in doing this. Clint is interest in helping out with this as he works with PSU; would like to bring back dual sanctioning to increase fundraising for college teams.
  • Suggestion from NWCP – can there be a bridge built between Junior racing to colleges and NWCP racing
  • College license

Promoter reports

  • Matt – Monday night PIR; ups and downs; 4/5 and 1-3 women’s field showed up every night. Track category was very successful; once the track peeps figure it out the riders where racing two events. Track riders from PIR moved to racing Alpenrose. Successful for June and July was the dropping of Monday night PIR. Go earlier in April.
  • NWCP – down every category; mainly the WMN. On the national level, WMN have been doing great. Lack in and disconnect from NWCP women and amateur racing. Cost is a barrier to entry for college students.
  • Track – good racing season; two new promoters, Tuesday and Thursday nights. Increased road rider attendance. Senior WMN numbers was down, Friday night numbers of steady with beginner WMN up. Velodrome Challenge; numbers are up from last year, so growing. New track committee; new ideas coming to the table, push on Madison racing.
  • The David’s: Worked hard to save some of the road races; Would like to bring back cherry pie and the Lebanon race. Cross, was solid, but disappointing, decrease in participation about 20%. Saw an increase in beginner fields, decrease in “season racers.” Winter? Was the decrease in attendance due to weather?
  • Barton park road series -SteveStruggle over the WMNs fields. Shaking up the fields a bit. Run a co-ed race together; Grand Fando event? Last event of the day?
  • PDW Omnium – went well this year. 6-day was down with teams; lack of promotion. Suggest that the PVC take over promotion of 6-day.
  • North plain circuit race – cancelled; bummer. Road couldn’t get the closed through center of town.
  • Trophy cup – attendance up by one rider over 2016. Gorge fire delayed it by one week. Need to speak to people you don’t usually talk to, encourage new people to enter cycling. Create a safe space for new riders try something new.
  • Do more clinics, maybe do a clinic the week prior to over actual race courses. Give teams more incentives to bring new WMN on and help them cultivate new WMN riders.
  • WMNS clinics after events?
  • Uphill TT – 11% increase in riders. Involved High school to set up and teardown event; introducing kids to cycling by putting up flyers at schools. High school that set up and teardown events will expose the kids to cycling.
  • Baker city stage race – 30% increase, jump in master participation, biggest Pro men’s 1 & 2 field; two rider short of a close field. WMNs field was down, overlapping with other events. Send postcards to other events for cross promotion, hand out free entries to Baker City Stage race to other events as “primes.”
  • Eco – had to move the date, due to snow – numbers were down, lots of challenges. 2018; rejoin the Oregon Cross Country series; 40% out-of-state. Move the race to March 17th, two weeks later, due to weather. Mt. bike trail being built in Pendleton, Oregon – trail out by airport.
  • Mike Ripley – Mt Bike scene; Work with NWCP to get teams into sport, price shouldn’t be a barrier. JR Mt. bike series went well. Maybe pick up state championship for 2018. Southern, Oregon participation down. Oregon triple crown making it a pass event. Oregon, Grand Fando was down due to weather. Shop teams are down sharply this year, devalued. Trying to make an effort to connect with bike shops. Open age groups for triple crown.

Championship committee – to bring back OBRA championships luster; looking people to join the community. BOD member to sit on this committee??

  • Joel Fletcher
  • David Hart
  • Stephanie Myers ?
  • Catherine Cooper