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Who we are

OBRA is special because everyone involved in our sport believes in our community. We all understand that we rely on each other- from the racers, to the officials, to the promoters, to the sponsors to everyone involved in our little corner of the world. We truly care about each other. This ethos is driven from the top- having started with the Murrays and is continued on by our leadership. We strive to create value for our community and provide a welcoming environment for racing.


We encourage people to get involved with their community. Not only do we encourage racers to get involved, but we get involved ourselves. OBRA is directly involved with the BTA, the Oregon Bicycle Tourism Partnership, IMBA and other great organizations. We believe in leading by example!


Racers get to participate in great competitions. From the BAR, to the Oregon Cup to the Women’s Prestige Series, the TT Cup to the Oregon XC Series- we either run or support these great programs. OBRA supports the juniors with junior cyclocross and high school programs. We continue to develop new programs to encourage cycling from a young age.

Our Community

This video epitomizes the depth of our community.

We are great at what we do

OBRA is the foundation for the racing community In Oregon, SW Washington and parts of Northern California. We serve as the glue between racers, promoters, officials and sponsors. OBRA is all of us- the sum of all of our parts. We are successful because we rely on each other and understand the importance of all of our roles. OBRA makes it easier to put on events and races.

Who we are

  • 4,600-5,000 members
  • 44 Official OBRA teams
  • 80+ promoters
  • less than 50 officials working 300+ events
  • 6 volunteer board members
  • 5 part time employees
  • 3 independent contractors
  • 1 full time employee
  • and tons of spectacular sponsors and volunteers!

Core Services

  • Calendar

    OBRA provides a comprehensive calendar for races in Oregon, SW Washington and parts of Northern California. When people looks for bike races, they go to

  • People

    With a yearly membership between 4,600-5,000, OBRA is one of the largest regional bicycle racing associations in the United States. When you join OBRA, you get to become part of an awesome community- a vibrant, colorful and amazing group of people who love to race. You help support an organization that believes in helping provide some of the best racing experiences in the United States. There are not many other locations where you get consistent, plentiful, high quality events with amazing results.

  • Officiating

    Officiating is one of our core services. We provide referee and judging to our races to ensure that events go off without a hitch, results are timely and that races are run fairly.

  • Logistics

    We have an extremely talented staff that can help make your race a success. We also provide insurance and equipment at a very competitive cost.

  • Results

    We pride ourselves in ensuring that results are provided in an accurate and timely manner. Our belief is that everyone should be scored. Whether 1st or 121st, people love to see their name in the results. We also provide a platform for competitions that keep racers coming back. From the Best All Around Rider competition to the Oregon Cup to the Oregon Women’s Prestige Series (among others), our competitions keep racing exciting.

Did you know that sanctioned bicycle race participants spend an average of $144 per day trip and $794 per overnight trip? Or did you know that sanctioned bicycle racing related tourism has a yearly economic impact of $38.4 million per year in Oregon? Check out the Travel Oregon commissioned study: The Economic Significance of Bicycle-Related Travel in Oregon: 2012, Dean Runyan Associates by clicking on the button to the right.

Board of Directors

The business and affairs of OBRA are managed by its Board of Directors. The directors shall in all cases act as a board, and they may adopt such rules and regulations for the conduct of their meetings and the management of OBRA as they deem proper, provided such rules and regulations are not inconsistent with the Bylaws and the laws of the state of Oregon. There are six members of the Board of Directors. Each director is elected to a 3 year term by a majority of club representatives at an annual meeting. Two directors are elected each year.

  • Michelle Bazemore

    Michelle Mercer is a marketing and P.R. consultant in Bend, Oregon, and the marketing director for Sun Country Tours. She works with small and mid-sized organizations, helping them connect with their clients, community and other businesses. Originally from Indianapolis, Indiana, Michelle graduated from Butler University with a degree in Journalism. She worked in the radio industry for more than 14 years, most notably as the program director of KPWR-FM in Los Angeles. Michelle moved to Bend in 2007, and started the non-profit Bend Velodrome Project in 2010. In addition to serving on the boards of the Bend Velodrome Project and OBRA, Michelle also serves as a board member for Visit Bend. Michelle has enjoyed racing in multiple cycling disciplines including road, mountain, track and cyclocross.

  • Steven Beardsley

    Steven is a Portland area native, born and raised in Banks, OR. He has actively been involved in sports from a young age, excelling in track & field through his high school and college career at George Fox University, where he majored in History. He took up competitive cycling in 2004 and has progressed from a beginner to a perennial top contender in regional cat 1-2 races on the road, track, and dirt. In addition to his racing exploits, he has contributed significantly to the OBRA community. Some of his activities include race promotion, encompassing some of Portland’s most exciting races along with the world-renowned Cross Crusade organization, coaching many OBRA-based racers, and perhaps most significantly, directing and leading the PDX DEVO youth cycling team. Steven’s leadership of the PDX DEVO team has seen exponential growth of its membership, more diversified opportunities for juniors of all levels and ages, depth in success across a range of cycling disciplines, and continued growth and investment of the team within the local community. Outside of racing, Steven is a Litigation Technology Analyst with the Portland based law firm Stoel Rives, enjoys traveling, and spending time with his family and friends.

  • Norrene Godfrey

  • Meg Mautner

    Meg Mautner is a teacher in the Beaverton School district. She currently teaches middle school math and algebra. Meg started racing bikes in the mid 1990’s and found a sport she is passionate about. While track cycling is her favorite discipline, Meg has raced road, crits, time trials, cyclocross, and even a few short track races. In addition to racing, Meg is the lead instructor for the Alpenrose Track Development classes. She has served on OBRA’s board of directors for the past 9 years.

  • Jordan Staples

  • John Wilson

    John Wilson is a R&D Engineering Manager at Hewlett Packard, and has been a Board member of OBRA since 2011. John has been a racing enthusiast most of his life including 10 years motorcycle racing and 15 years of bicycle racing. He carries his passion for cycling, along with his organizational and management skills into Junior Development. In 2009 John created the OBRA Junior Cyclocross Series that has helped lift Oregon up to the highest junior participation levels in the country. John followed up with the creation of a High School Cyclocross League helping to introduce cycling beyond racing families to the general public. John continues to provide administrative leadership to both the Junior and High School CX series, and is working with OBRA to extend the model into other disciplines. 2015 marks John’s 6th year coaching a Junior Cycling team. He was a co-founder and vice president of the Willamette Valley Cycling team. John graduated with a degree in Physics from University of California Davis, and completed graduate work at the University of California, San Diego.

Board of Advisors

The OBRA Board of Advisors is a non-voting sub-group of the Board of Directors. The advisors provide expertise in areas such as cyclocross and officiating.

  • Brad Ross

  • Candi Murray

  • Mike Murray

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